Burkett's Yorkies is located in Zillah, WA just outside of Yakima, WA. You are welcome to give us a call at  509-314-6247 or 509-823-7694 . You can also contact us by email at c.s.burkett@hotmail.com. We only breed akc yorkshire terriers

This is our new stud Tate he has not yet fathered a litter. Plans are in the works. He is a wonderful, playful, tiny, heart stealer. I bred him myself. He is 2 lbs 4oz. full grown. He is the complete package black and tan thick coat , healthy, well mannered, adorable. Boxy, Short nose, short legs.   Rowdy at the bottom of the nursery page is Tate's Dad.

 I care about and love these yorkies very much. If you adopt a yorkie from me you are always welcome to call me with any questions no matter how silly you think the question might be. I love to talk about yorkies so you might be doing my friends and family a favor LOL. If you ever come into a position you are not able to keep a Yorkie or Yorkie Puppy you adopt from me I am willing to take it back without a refund or help with re-homing him or her. I do not want any of my puppies to go unloved, abandoned, mistreated, or be in a less than ideal situation. Although I will not be refunding you your money. Please do not buy any yorkie puppy if you are not more than 100% sure you will love and care for this puppy for the rest of its life.  Thank  you .


I highly recommend.The Selah Veterinary Hospital for all of your pet health care needs. They are amazing, honest, and very fairly priced. Without Dr.Mike, Melissa, and the staff at this amazing office their is no way I could continue breeding these amazing Yorkshire Terriers. Give them a call at 509-697-6111.

Burkett's Yorkies reserves the right to refuse service or puppy adoption to anyone at anytime. 

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